Bait vs. Lure – What’s the Verdict?

Bait vs. Lure – What’s the Verdict?

Bait vs. Lure – What’s the Verdict?

This is an issue that needs to be settled once and for all. If you spend any amount of time watching TV and shopping at sports stores, then it would seem that lures are the dominant form of bait on the market. From the Eerie Dearie, to spoons, jigs, and more, the options are nearly endless. An unchecked trip to any department store with a fishing section will see your tackle box filled with them in no time, but what is the real difference?

The Lure Style of Fishing

Lures are great to use but they require constant movement within the water to garner any results. Most of them utilize shiny surfaces which will reflect light within the water. This will attract the fish, but they are best used in situations where you are trolling rather than fishing off of a bank or even in a small boat.

The Organic Bait Method

Live bait moves on its own, but even if you aren’t using live bait you can still attract other fish easily by simply offering them food. Fish will detect bait in the water from greater distances when compared to a lure. Bait fishing is better for stationary casting or shore fishing.

Ultimately, the method is up to you, just make sure it’s effective and that you’re able to pull in a catch.


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