Our History

ShorelineFishing™ was established in 1983 in Hong Kong SAR. It is the only Hong Kong agricultural company with over 34 years of history. The company produces 100 tons of high quality varieties of wormbait every year. Shoreline Bait were pioneers in the worm cultivation industry and were the first company to invest in lugworm artificial breeding. Shoreline began exporting to the Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets and later introduced their wormbait to the South Korean market. A primary focus was to establish itself in Europe, and Shoreline Bait can proudly claim that it is the exclusive lugworm supplier to the prestigious Normandie Appats company in addition to many of Europe’s leading worm bait wholesalers. Today Shoreline’s bait is shipping to countries all over the world such as: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Lebanon, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan(China).

From China, To the world


Farming, Processing & Distribution

Shoreline currently has in operation three farms in Shanwei, one in Shandong and another in Hainan which is currently under construction. Our processing and distribution center in Guangzhou is set up adjascent to a major international airport and logistics hub to ensure immediate shipping and order fulfillment. Our research team continually strives to develop new innovations to enhance the quality of bait we supply to our distributors and wholesalers worldwide.



Our Philosophy

In the contemporary economic environment values are of paramount importance. It is essential for a company to operate according to the highest levels integrity. Remaining dedicated to honest and trustworthy business practices is a core value and key component of our strategy. Over the past 30 years we have been working diligently on establishing beneficial and long lasting relationships with our partners spanning over ten countries. We are always glad to recieve calls and host visits from potentialnew and existing partners at our facilities.

Lugworm Bait

We attend every major fishing supply tradeshow and remain in contact with all of our partners worldwide and have consulted with some of the foremost expert oceanographers and related professionals who have contributed guidance and advice into the research and development of our lugworm cultivation and breeding process.

     Our goal is to cultivate the highest quality worm bait possible. We have achieved this through implementing best practices in industrial management while simultaniously enacting policies to protect the environment and improve energy efficiency. We are dedicated to continuously investing in science and technology so that we can create new varieties of bait to expand the lugworm market. 

     High quality durable packaging is essential in the production of lugworms. We have a processing, packaging and distribution center located near the airport, approximately 200 miles from the site of our farming and harvesting area. In the processing center we utilize state of the art systems to extend the life of the worms which leads to a more resilient bait. We aspire to deliver the highest quality products and that means custom designing and creating the packaging ourselves which our staff can fill in less time, to ensure immediate export and the highest efficiency.

Lugworm Farming